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  • Executive Summary, Mission/Vision, Market Conditions.
  • Marketing Plan / Operational Plan & Strategies
  • Full Start Up & Monthly Itemized Operating Costs

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With this complete property management business plan
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Start earning a residual income within 30 days!

Start Right Away!

You will be able to start right away building your own property management business.  The business plan takes you through step by step exactly what we did in getting new properties and rentals under management.

This isn't something that you will have to wait for to get.  We know that when you are reasearching a new opportunity or business, you are ready right now to get started.

The free business plan will be in your email box within 30 seconds of entering your information. Literally, within 30 seconds you will be ready to start your new property management venture for aboslutely free, no strings attached.  This is our committment to the industry and to you.

You will also receive a series of emails that will help you keep on track with the goals that we recommend for your first couple weeks while you get going.

Learn From Our Mistakes!

Learn from our mistakes and implement only the marketing methods that work in the property management industry.

Our proven business plan walks you through from budgeting all the way to what you must do, every day to be successful in property management.

If you have ever ready the book "The Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell, then you know that it takes 10,000 of practicing or performing any given occupation or trade to become what others would regard you as an expert in that field.  It takes on average, about 10 years, for an individual to accumulate enough real estate and management experience to be regarded as an expert property manager.  

Well we are letting you bypass all of those learning curves and get a significant jump start on your new business right now. And believe me, we made mistakes.  But we have proven, after over 400 properties later and after managing multiple home owners associations, duplexes, triplexes, apartment complexes and commercial properties, that this system works!

$79 Value

Similar property management business plans can sell for over $79.  We are giving it you for absolutely free!  Download your copy today and start your business.  Why wait? Get started right now.

The funny thing is, many people don't really appreciate getting something for free.  We have contemplated not giving it away for free and charging the $79 cost like other companies on the internet are charging.  

However, our committment to the property management industry and to new and upcoming managers is much higher than that. We are excited to bring this to you and the real estate industry overall.

This industry has been such a blessing to us and so many other people over the years that we are excited just to share how to be successfull, even if it is for FREE!

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